About Us

Simon Crouch is a Master Thatcher with over 30 years experience in the craft. SMF Crouch and Co have been working over the last 7 years on ways to reduce the risk of thatch fires. They are the UK distributors of Magma Firestop® fire retardant sprays for thatch, THATCH-SAFE® fire barrier which goes under the thatch and over the rafters giving a ½ hour fire barrier (1/2 hour insulation and 1 hour integrity) LABC Approved System.

The evolution of a system for fire suppression in the loft space was the next logical progression, especially in that a lot of the old Listed properties never take the old thatch off down to the timbers so there is no opportunity to apply a fire barrier.

THATCH-SAFE® ATTIX is a new approach to dealing with the potential devastation of a thatch fired and has come about as a result of a collaboration between:-

  • Master Thatchers
  • Fire Fighters
  • Thatched Home Owners
  • Fire System Specialists