THATCH-SAFE ATTIX is installed with a robust linear heat sensor at relevant areas e.g. round the chimney, along the underside of the ridge. Temperature ranges chosen will be based on the proximity and maximum expected temperature of the risk. UL Listed and approved. With Stat-X canisters (size and siting depending on each individual property).

Stat-X technology is used by NASA, military, marine and is approved worldwide. Stat-X has a 20 year service life in this type of environment.

Easy and fast to install. Only 2 cables into the loft area 1 fire detection circuit, 2 suppression circuit. The fire detection is ultra fast and very cost effective and discrete.

THATCH-SAFE ATTIX is compact and high quality, no pipes or pressurised containers and is sympathetic to the property. Lightweight and takes up very little space.

THATCH-SAFE ATTIX has the widest operating temperature of any fire suppression system on the market -54°C to +65°C (-65°F to +149°F).